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Siding Replacement

With such a diverse siding team, it is easy for us to match you with a siding replacement expert who is extremely knowledgeable with regards to all the various types of siding material and who understands the architecture of your home. We take replacement seriously because we know all too well how big of a responsibility it is working on your most cherished investment. At Lawrence Siding Company, we live by the following credo; treat each home like it is your own. That’s why hundreds of clients here in Lawrence opt for our siding replacement services every year. Trust us with all your siding replacement needs – it is the best choice you can make for your home.

When to replace your siding.
Our siding solutions are perfect for those who are looking to sell their property or who would like to increase the value of their home. Although, siding replacement is mostly about improving the aesthetic appeal of your building, there are many other reasons to do so. One of these reasons is damages. Nothing is quite as embarrassing as missing panels or significantly color faded siding, especially if you regularly entertain guests at your home. Now, for mold and mildew, which usually occurs because of an underlying water problem and calls for immediate replacement as the structure of your home is compromised. And for the grand finale – your siding is past its prime, cracked and dented.

Consider vinyl replacement.

If you want to save yourself loads of effort, time, and money – vinyl siding replacement is a sure way to go. This easy-care and low-cost solution outshines other materials such as wood siding, steel siding, or cement siding. Vinyl’s popularity has increased tremendously over the last few decades and we will tell you exactly why. Durability, low-maintenance, energy efficiency, and improved color options are why building owners choose vinyl every time. Get in touch today and request a catalog with all the various vinyl colors and vinyl designs we have on offer. You will truly be impressed with how we can match your new vinyl siding with your home’s existing color profile.

Make your home more energy-efficient.
Apart from the well-known reasons for replacing your siding like protection and appearance, replacing your siding with a brand new one can support you and your family’s attempts to lead a greener lifestyle. If your siding is outdated and all worn out, the siding has lost its level of insulation functioning – now your home is unable to properly regulate temperatures meaning energy is escaping from inside your home to the outside. We can confidently promise our clients that they will notice a decrease in utility bills once their old siding has been replaced with a more energy-efficient siding solution.

Don’t DIY, replacement is for professionals.
From removing the old siding to obtaining the relevant permits and purchasing the siding materials at an affordable rate – it is quite a lot to consider before jumping into DIY siding mode. Replacing the entirety of your exterior home requires a professional team like Lawrence Siding Company. Taking on a project with such high manpower demands, doing it yourself is just not feasible. Do you have cutting edge and industry-leading tools for replacing siding? Didn’t think so. Plus, our siding comes at a discounted rate because we order in bulk from our suppliers. As you can see hiring a professional far outweighs attempting to replace it yourself.