Amazing Siding Services in Lawrence KS

Lawrence Siding Company

Siding Repair

Whatever your sliding repair requirements, you have got a trusted repairing partner with Lawrence Sliding Company. Not only can our past clients vouch for our outstanding siding repair services, but it can be proved through our thorough and precise inspections. Before, we commence repairs, we consider and take all the necessary precautions like checking your gutters, roof, doors, windows, and other fixtures that go hand in hand with siding repairs. Plus, you want the repair job to last as long as possible and you want to ensure that the repair job compliments the look of your house. With us you don’t need to worry – we have got your repair needs covered.

Can you repair steel sliding?
Although, metal sliding is quite resilient to damage it does tend to dent. Our expert contractors are able to repair dents without having to replace the whole siding. This is true if dents are limited to a few boards. We simply swoop in, drill a hole into the steel sliding, insert a screw, and then we accurately punch out the dents. No need to worry about the hole, we patch and paint to match. A very affordable repair option as we don’t need to replace any old siding. In the event of an emergency where a tree fell and banged in a six-foot section – replacement is your only option.

Improvements and enhancements.

With pre-colored aluminum siding, fading over time is inevitable and if repairs are performed it will most likely not match the rest of your home’s siding. Before, we repair we do discuss the pros and cons of repair vs. replacement, as color differences will call for the siding to be repainted. And if you decide to improve or enhance the appearance of your siding, we need to evaluate if your insulation might be compromised during these processes. See we do strive in protecting our clients’ most valuable assets by leaving no repair up to chance. We think ahead, every repair at a time.

Maintenance tips.
The only sure way to avoid costly siding repairs is to take care of your home’s exterior. Just because we care so much about our clients, we would like to share a few tips for maintaining your siding. Keeping your siding clean is paramount in preventing repairs. No matter the type of siding, whether vinyl, shingle, aluminum, or wood – a bucket of water and a stiff brush will do the trick. Mildew is another major cause of siding repairs and should be removed from the moment you spot it on your siding. Although, you could easily DIY, please remember that certain types of siding material like wood shouldn’t be cleaned with high-pressure tools.

How we repair it.
With Lawrence Siding Company, you have got a reliable siding contractor that repairs according to your budget. Like with any remodeling or renovation project, the repairing project will vary depending on your home’s unique attributes. When on-site we work in tandem with our clients to help manage our client’s expectations, guaranteeing a smooth and successful improvement and repair experience. Each repair has got a timeline and we promise to always finish ahead of time unless a serious siding problem is discovered during the repair project. And of course, our safety standards are the best in town, we ensure that everything that might be hazardous is cleared our before we begin any repairs.