Amazing Siding Services in Lawrence KS

Lawrence Siding Company

Siding Installation

If you need a siding contractor look no further. Lawrence Siding Company is pioneers in siding installations and has been serving homeowners and commercial clients in Lawrence, Kansas for almost a decade now. It is through the leading installation techniques that we illustrate to our clients just how seriously we take customer satisfaction. Our professional and certified siding contractors successfully and efficiently complete every installation with cutting edge solutions and innovative methods. For some added curb appeal, upgrade, repair or newly install either metal, wood vinyl, aluminum, or James Hardie siding for your most valuable asset, your property. Our team does everything from soffits to fascias. Your property will thank you later.

Vertical siding installation.
Vertical siding is the opposite of a horizontal siding pattern. We have numerous types of vertical siding available in a wide range of designs, styles, and colors. Vertical siding can either be the primary design feature of your home or condominium or installed as an accent element for parts of your home like porch walls and entryways. The reason most of our clients opt for vertical sliding installation is due to its striking appearance. The list of benefits associated with vertical siding is endless. Amongst these benefits listed are maintenance, curb appeal, and enhanced protection. Vertical siding is easier to maintain than the horizontal siding, appearance is unique and impressive, and your home’s exterior will have a double protective layer against nature’s harsh elements.

Different types of siding.
We perform all our installations projects with materials that have a proven record of making our clients happy such as shingle siding, shake, wood, vinyl siding, and cedar siding. Each material comes with its own set of qualities and advantages – no need to feel overwhelmed, our expert contractors and installers will guide you in choosing the best possible siding for your home’s exterior. Many variants need to be considered when you do pick your siding material like the ease of installation, cost, amount of siding maintenance required, and how the material will withstand harsh weather conditions. Vinyl continues to be a very popular choice amongst new home builders and owners.

Inspect to install.
Our siding company can offer our prospective clients a free inspection – this way we can establish if our siding solutions and services are a great fit for your sliding installation or replacement. During our inspection, we will collect all the relevant customer requirements and expectations, combine it with our expertise, and present you with a no-obligation quote. Plus, we will indicate the time frame in which we can complete the siding project. Once you approve our quote for your renovation or remodeling project, our professional crew will arrive on schedule and begin installation according to your expectations.

Cost to install our siding.
The biggest factor influencing the cost of your siding project boils down to the type of siding material you prefer. Aluminum siding is much more affordable than wood siding, and the latest siding product on the market is fiber cement siding which looks and feels exactly like wood but is more expensive than any other siding material we can offer our clients. Apart from the type of siding material, the cost of installation depends on the length and size of the surface you want to cover – this is where it is all about square footage. And then, you might want to install a few extras like a trim or crown molding which we will gladly do at an additional cost. Each siding project is unique and therefore costs will differ from client to client.