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Welcome to Lawrence Siding Company, located in the heart of Lawrence, Kansas. We have been helping homeowners for years with all their siding installations, repairs, and replacements. Our best of class products will leave you in awe. With every installation comes a warranty, whether it’s vinyl or James Hardie.

Rely on our certified installation professionals to provide you with the insight and industry-leading knowledge to make the best cost-effective decision for your home’s exterior. We promise to maximize your home’s structural integrity whilst enhancing overall energy efficiency. You couldn’t have stumbled upon a more dedicated siding company in all of Lawrence.

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We are proud to announce that we are your go-to siding experts here in Lawrence, KS. Our highly skilled and certified contractors are experienced in achieving only the best possible results for all your siding repair, siding installation, and siding replacement projects. As a siding company, we know all too well how our siding products and solutions will benefit not only your home’s exterior but provide you with a more energy-efficient home and increase the value of your property. With us, you are a customer for life. We can promise all our clients that our vinyl siding, James Hardie siding, and wood siding, plus all our other siding options, come with a lifetime warranty.

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Lawrence Siding company has been created to satisfy all our clients’ siding needs with our superior siding services, products, and solutions. We bet you have never worked with a siding company that devotes itself to outstanding service excellence as much as we do. Choosing the right design, style, and type of material for siding replacements and repairs has just become a whole lot easier with our in-depth siding industry knowledge. If we haven’t convinced you yet – our certified siding contractors will. Plus, we install only the best money to purchase, such as vinyl, James Hardie Fiber Cement Board Siding, and steel and wood siding alternatives. Our prices are some of the best in the market, and you can call us up at any time to get a free estimate on the options available. Give us a call, and we will tell you all about it.

Siding Installation

Siding Replacement

That is not the only thing. Holes and cracks to the siding are a sure way of compromising the structural well-being of the house. They bring in moisture which then becomes a catalyst for rot and even pests as insects and rodents capitalize on the vulnerability. Though some of these pests are benign, like squirrels, others can be quite devastating, especially termites, if the siding is made of wood.
Even when there are no apparent symptoms of the damage, you may still be able to notice siding malfunctions because of the increase in the heating bills incurred.

When the siding has damage, there will be a loss in heat energy as it escapes the structure. It becomes more challenging for the HVAC to maintain the ambient temperatures meaning more power. If your heating bills keep increasing during the fall and winter, it is a clear sign that things may not be alright. Call our team up, and we can evaluate the siding to determine if this is the cause of your increased utility bills. Mold is an issue as well because it can affect the structure of the residence or the business. This is because it feeds on organic materials such as wood, floorboards, and other accessible materials in the wall, causing widespread rot.

If it is not checked the right way, then ceilings and walls affected by the mold could collapse, which will be a significant safety issue for those within the home. It also does not take a long time for the mold to ruin the materials beyond the point of repair. It is especially bad if the mold starts to worm its way into the house’s ventilation and the relevant air condition systems. It is much harder to get rid of it when it reaches these areas. If the siding is no longer flat, that is also one of the signs that the siding needs to be replaced. Warped or bulging siding may be a superficial wound, but it can also be a symptom of underlying issues.

If our team gets on the property and gives you evidence there could be significant damage underneath the siding because of warped or dislocated siding, do not hesitate to capitalize on this by replacing it as soon as possible. Doing as much as possible when the problem is small is the best way of tackling siding issues because they can only grow. These are reasons that highlight huge problems that can only be addressed by replacing your current siding. We will determine if your siding has reached its prime, effective immediately.

Siding Repair

In fact, at Lawrence Siding Company, we go for the customer needs so that all approved projects are in their best interests. We do not believe in prioritizing profits over the customer’s budgets and needs, particularly during these trying times. If you come to us, you are guaranteed significant benefits as far as your siding is concerned. For example, you will repair any latent structural damage in the process. If you did not know, many houses have hidden structural damage, which could be from various things like leaking near the windows and other apertures, cracks in the drywall or just rainwater.

We will be able to pinpoint the source of your problems and commence repairs so that you no longer have to worry about significant water damage in the future. Our minor repairs on your siding are also going to increase energy efficiency in your home. What that looks like is reduced heating bills at the end of the month. Our repairs will seal up the cracks through which heat is escaping, thereby enabling you to control the interior temperatures better. Repairs will also bring up your property value which is great if you want to sell it shortly. Bad siding is always going to bring down your leverage when negotiating a price on the home.

Vinyl Siding

It takes the traditional lap type to the next level as the bevels’ angle is sharper, so there is a more significant contrast between the planks. The Dutch lap’s objective would be to create a hand-carved appearance, so it is very aesthetic. Beaded horizontal siding is a good choice because you get a decorative shadow line with rounded beads at the bottom of the panels. It looks a bit like the Dutch lap but with the beaded groove at the bottom. We also give you the option of vertical siding if that is preferred. You can go with shakes or scallops. With shakes, the siding has a rustic natural wood look without the high maintenance or price involved. The staggered edge shake type has jagged bottoms as well, issuing the feeling the shingles are handmade.

Scallops also vary according to shape, as some are hexagons, half cove or rounds. These may be done individually, and they vary in size. Vinyl siding is quickly rising in popularity because of the cost-effective and functional advantages that it provides. As seen from the available types, you can get beautiful options for your house according to rustic or even elegant styling. Whichever way you are leaning, we are here to provide advice and to show you the best possible options to go with for your home. We bet you are smiling to the bank – cause you won’t have to spend a cent on future repairs if you choose our great vinyl siding. Plus, vinyl siding can be insulated, driving down your monthly utility bills.

James Hardie Fiber
​Cement Board Siding

Clearly, this is an excellent property investment. While many homeowners consider replacing windows, doing bathroom renovations and adding rooms as the best means of investing, that may not be as effective as James Hardie Siding. Apart from the durability, it also provides great insurance options because of the available warranty, which adds to the home’s resale value. If the siding can last up to 50 years on the property, you may be able to get warranty options that can last as much as 40 years. Quality fiber cement is an overlooked but brilliant means of increasing the home’s value, and it costs less than the other property investments. Because of the fire resistance as well, the siding option can also reduce the insurance premiums you would have to pay for the house. That is because of the reduced risks of fire and other weather-related damages to the house. That encourages insurance platforms to give you leeway with the policy hence the smaller premiums. If you need James Hardie siding, call us today for more info on this non-combustible siding material, and we will begin creating your timeless design with a wide array of colors and textures to choose from.

Wood & Steel Siding

The great thing is that you can expect the cladding to last up to 80 years if maintained the right way. The addition of an oil finish would work well with this siding as it becomes mold and water-resistant. Engineered wood is one possible option. This is manmade wood with great durability and strength even though it looks like the real thing. It is also an excellent option for different climates considering it is moisture resistant and less likely to rot than softwoods. We can set you up with Pine fir, of course, which is less expensive and easier to get than other wood types.

The main advantage of Pine fir would be the price point. It is also great if this is your first time siding and you are looking to create a wood lap finish for the exterior of your home. If your goal is to have more of a luxurious exterior, then redwood siding options are available. It also has functional advantages considering it resists shrinking and can hold up to the elements without buckling to cupping or warping, so it is great for use in all climates. It also does not have many resin, meaning that the siding would not require much maintenance and would retain color for a longer time.

Even though charred wood is insect and pest repellant, redwoods typically are useful within wooded areas. They are likewise hard to find because it is not easy to find materials for their deep texture styling. Our steel siding products are all about achieving maximum structural protection for your home – we install only the highest quality steel siding available on the market. Not sure which siding to choose from, one of our siding specialists will be more than eager to assist. We have a variety of options on offer for you in this area. For example, corrugated metal siding; exposed fasteners is available.

Usually prized for its versatility and strength, this siding has evolved into a very common commercial and residential customer option. It can be used in different colors and has a simple installation process. There are vertical siding panels that have exposed or hidden fasteners. Running the exterior siding panels in a vertical manner can create the idea of the illusion of a larger building or structure. We also have horizontal siding alternatives, which will expand the space and make it seem that the structure is larger than it looks.

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